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NAT As Your Business' Building Components Supplier

There are some relationships with vendors that are incredibly simple.

They provide a product, you sell it, and that's that.

But not every relationship with a vendor has to be purely transactional. In fact, some become a partnership that gives your business a regular shot in the arm.

Case in point: Prefabricated building components can do more for your business than just being another product you offer.

What makes us say that?

As an experienced prefab building components manufacturer, we've seen what our products do to take a project from concept to reality through new levels of efficiency. Moreover, we understand what it takes to meet client expectations – there's nothing worse to a good-paying customer than working with a vendor who doesn't share the same enthusiasm about getting a job done.

Added to your mix of building supplies, North American Truss prefab building components can help you help more customers.

6 Ways North American Truss Products Help You Help Your Business & Customers

From custom homes to commercial or even industrial buildings, prefabricated building materials can bring a level of efficiency to a project that's hard to ignore. And they do so in a variety of ways – benefitting both your business and those of your customers.

Working with a truss manufacturer that offers complete building systems, you and the builders and framers you serve will enjoy:

  1. One-stop shopping
  2. Uneventful material sourcing
  3. Enhanced cost control
  4. Better project coordination
  5. Expanded product portfolio
  6. The ability to do more with less

1. One-Stop Shopping

If there's one thing that can quickly escalate into a logistical nightmare for any builder, it's working with multiple vendors to fulfill an order. In most construction projects, this is something that's practically unavoidable.

It is, however, something that can be minimized.

By offering building component packages, you'll help your customers cut down the number of links in their supply chains. They won't be working with one vendor to get pre-manufactured roof and floor trusses and another for wall panels. Nor will they be juggling their schedules and coordinating it with your customers (more on this later).

In addition, the builders you supply won't need to worry about the prefab building components in their orders fitting together. Our pre-manufactured building materials are made to spec with our Fast Track Framing System and are designed for easy installation.

2. Uneventful Material Sourcing 

Remember how complicated it can get working with multiple vendors to source finished products?

It’s just as cumbersome trying to source the materials comprising those finished products. Levels of frustration can grow exponentially.

Through prefab building products, you'll essentially "handle that" through our partnership as we take on getting what we need to fulfill the order. Another way to explain it to a customer: "We'll worry about tracking down raw materials or supplies needed to produce your order so you don't have to."

Aside from all-but-eliminating that burden of material sourcing, you're also giving your customers something back: a little more time they can use to focus on other elements of their business or the projects they're working on.

3. Enhanced Cost Control

What's more economical than buying building materials for one project?

Buying building materials in bulk for multiple projects.

However, not all builders are able to do this.

As a prefab building component manufacturer that provides supplies for many projects, we can – and do.

Coupled with our capabilities to quickly produce orders, our ability to purchase in bulk means we're able to take advantage of volume pricing

Our agility also means we can be more reactive to market conditions, and make bulk orders when prices are ideal for their time.

Additionally, because we use state-of-the-art technology, wood roof trusses, floor joists, and wall panels are manufactured using only the materials needed. There's very little scrap produced, allowing you to pass on savings from minimizing unused materials to your customers.

Interested in bringing our products – and Fast Track Framing System – to your projects? North American Truss works with a network of distributors within a 50-mile radius of Western New York. Contact us today to find a distributor nearest you!

4. Better Project Coordination

Coordinating a project of any size or scope is no small feat. Some days, it feels like a small miracle. 

You know that. And more importantly, your customers live that every day.

Through prefabricated building material packages, a builder is able to bring a little more stability to managing a project.


We work to the client's set schedule.

Within 10 days of receiving a finalized order, our crews get to work to meet the agreed-upon deadline. 

And to take things a step further, the order is delivered to the job site according to the client's schedule. That means they're able to plan their staff and equipment for installation more accurately – adding to the level of cost controls.

5. Expanded Product Portfolio

As much as it would be nice to be everything to everyone, those with that kind of business plan are practically doomed for failure – or to at least learn a few lessons the hard way.

You can easily expand your portfolio of product offerings with minimal effort.

Rather than investing the time, money, and effort into being able to create custom pre-built roof trusses or other manufactured building materials, you'll simply tap into our catalog of products and we'll handle the rest.

By offering more to your customers, they're able, in turn, to offer more to their clients. In a way, your wide range of product offerings is theirs, too.

6. The Ability to Do More With Less

These days, finding help is proving a challenge. Across all facets of the construction industry, employers are having a tough time finding new employees. 

The issue isn't expected to let up much either, especially with the anticipated retirements of a large contingent of construction professionals.

For a building material supplier that's already feeling the pinch of a reduced workforce, partnering with a prefab components manufacturer can provide some relief. Everything that goes into creating prefab components is managed and completed by your building materials manufacturer. The size or availability of your staff doesn't impact your business's ability to offer prefab building components.

For the builder, prefab components provide the same benefit but in a different way. Integrating pre-made structural building elements to their project allows them to achieve the same end result (a finished structure) using fewer workers and taking less time.

Prefabricated Building Components: A Win-Win

What's the best type of product to offer?

It's not one that necessarily meets a high demand. Rather, it's one that helps your business do more while getting more.

Incorporating prefabricated building components into your business can be a win-win situation

These components not only provide you with an additional product to sell but also offer a partnership that enhances your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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