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Why Partnering With a Truss Manufacturer is a Must

Why Partnering with a Truss Manufacturer is a Must

Ahead of scheduled and under budget. 

Regardless of size or scope, there are no two better descriptors for a construction project. Achieving one – or both – means a lot went right. But more likely, this means that even when things got tough, you still found a way to make the project happen. 

As with any construction project, having the proper resources set up ahead of time makes a significant difference. With everything lined up, working through a checklist of tasks (both big and small) is streamlined. 

A truss manufacturer brings new levels of efficiency to any building project. A partnership with a truss manufacturer is invaluable as they handle the heavy lifting of structural component manufacturing off-site and offer a repertoire of products designed for easy construction. 

Another asset in your corner, partnering with a truss manufacturer sets a building project up for success. 

7 Ways Partnering with a Truss Manufacturer Boosts Your Business

Partnering with a truss manufacturer isn’t strictly about working with a company that provides building components. While getting an end product(s) that meets your specifications is a big part of the relationship, a partnership with a building components manufacturer should make every project easier

With a truss manufacturer added to your operation, your projects benefit from:

  1. Enhanced quality control
  2. Faster construction
  3. Less waste
  4. Reduced labor costs
  5. Ability to take on more projects
  6. Complete building solutions 
  7. Streamlined Client ROI


1. Enhanced Quality Control

Just like your construction company, a truss manufacturer appreciates what a good reputation means. Outside of reliability, a good reputation starts and stops with quality finished products

In a sense, a truss manufacturer becomes a de facto QC arm for your business. With another set of eyes looking over building components made for your project, the chances poorly made materials make their way to your project site are reduced. 

What’s more, your building components – roof and floor trusses or wall panels – are fabricated and stored inside a truss manufacturer’s climate-controlled shop. Often made for immediate delivery, your building components spend little time exposed to the elements. In other words, weather conditions aren’t as big a concern as they would be if your roof system was built on site. 

2. Complete Building Solutions

Though a truss manufacturer’s specialty is making building trusses (either roof trusses or floor trusses), many offer other structural components that comprise a complete building system. 

In addition to trusses, a building system, such as our Fast Track Framing System, includes elements like wall panels and pre-engineered decking. 

A symphonic approach to construction, a complete building system’s pieces are designed to easily connect and complement each other. Integrated into a project, a building system saves time and effort by maximizing speed, efficiency, and precision. 

3. Faster Construction

Working with a truss manufacturer brings a new element of speed to your project in two ways:

  1. Trusses and other building components are manufactured to meet your schedule and delivered right when they’re needed. While your truss manufacturer completes your order, your crew can work on other project elements.
  2. Your order is ready for immediate installation and arrives pre-assembled to your specifications. There’s no time spent cutting lumber and building trusses from scratch.

    Having just what you need when you need it means there’s room for little downtime on a project. Construction becomes an efficient and concentrated effort.


4. Less Waste

A truss manufacturer makes building components with the least waste using precision engineering and the latest fabrication technology.

While there’s always some scrap with any project, a truss manufacturer and its equipment all but eliminate sending large piles of unusable materials to the dump. For your quote and the client’s final bill, less waste means you’re only paying for what the project needs and no excess. 

In addition, less waste is a selling point as the order has a reduced environmental impact

5. Reduced Labor Costs

It’s simple math: truss manufacturing happening off-site cuts down on-site work. The less work done at the build location means fewer billable hours – savings for your customers. 

And with prefab trusses and building elements arriving ready for installation, fewer crew members are needed to complete a project – another savings for your clients. 


6. Ability To Take More Projects

Reduced labor costs do represent an opportunity for increased work. 

A savings of time and effort at a job site means a project is completed sooner. The faster a building is constructed, the sooner you can move on to your next project. While in an average year, you might only complete 10 projects (for the sake of the example) using traditional building methods, the efficiency of prefab roof trusses and structural components might allow you to take on a few more projects. 

7. Faster Client ROI

The sooner a project is done, the sooner the client can start utilizing the building. 

An unfinished building represents lost time to the client. 

For a homeowner, the efficiency gained from a partnership with an engineered wood roof truss manufacturer allows them to enjoy their new house sooner. The same goes for commercial property owners – quick builds open their properties up much faster for use.

Truss Manufacturer Partnerships | Upgraded Project Completion

There’s nothing like delivering news to a client that not only have you completed a project sooner, but you’ve also saved them some money. 

Partnering with a truss manufacturer and integrating their products opens the doors to consistently exceeding client expectations and completing projects more efficiently. 

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