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Build Types Ideal for Prefab Building Materials

Whether it's a shed or a skyscraper, efficiency in any construction project is always welcomed.

The last thing any builder – and their clients –  wants is to waste precious resources and effort. Both cost time and money.

That's where prefab building materials come in.

Manufactured off-site and arriving on-site ready for installation, prefabricated materials optimize construction projects of almost any sort for time and cost-effectiveness.

4 Building Project Types that Benefit from Prefab Building Materials

While all construction projects benefit from integrated prefabricated materials, some builds are more ideal for these components than others. The best-suited project types for prefab materials include:

  1. Custom homes
  2. Commercial spaces
  3. Pole Barns
  4. Churches


1. Custom Homes

With a prefabricated building components system, constructing a custom home is a much easier and more streamlined process. The same applies to duplexes or multi-family units. 

Rather than building structural elements on-site (stick building) as the project progress, components are built in a factory to exact specifications, such as:

  • Pre-constructed wall panels
  • Roof trusses
  • Engineered floor trusses 
  • Pre-engineered decking

When the project is ready, the building elements are delivered to the site ready for immediate installation.

Integrated into a project, prefab building materials – especially those that are part of a building system – bring several benefits: 

  • Full customizability – Through panelized construction (which uses building systems), designing and building a home to a client's exact specifications is easy. Unlike other building methods, creating a floor plan that meets the homeowner's needs doesn't require excessive engineering or compromise.
  • Time savings – Delivered exactly when they’re needed and ready to go, there’s no time spent fabricating components on site. Instead, they’re manufactured while other elements of the project are handled. In addition, premanufactured building components are installed quickly. As part of a building system, it’s possible to have a structure weather-tight in less than two weeks. 
  • Labor savings – With components manufactured off-site and delivered on-site ready for installation, fewer workers are needed for actual construction.
  • Material savings – Made in a factory with sophisticated technology, prefabricated building components are produced with precision. The only materials used in their manufacturing are what's needed. In other words, prefab building components reduce scrap and paying for waste material.

A Complete Building Solution

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2. Commercial Spaces

In many respects, commercial projects – think office buildings and storefronts – are similar to residential projects when it comes to prefabricated building components.

With prefabricated roof and floor trusses or prefab wall panels – or better yet, both – commercial builds see the same benefits as custom home projects.

Where prefabricated wall panels and other components stand out in commercial projects is in design.

Consider the modern office. Commercial design trends are now leaning more toward wide-open and bright spaces that offer flexibility for setup while still allowing for some privacy. Oh, and don't forget common areas of varying shapes and sizes for collaboration and a few beanbag chairs.

Sounds like a tall order?

Through panelized construction, creating a commercial space floor plan that checks all the boxes is more streamlined and simplified. In addition, prefabricated building components are more versatile for making changes and adaptations to a space as needs evolve.

3. Pole Barns

One of the oldest building types, pole barns are one of the original structures that used premade building components (metal sheeting and wooden poles).

Clad in metal made off-site, modern pole barns use prefabricated trusses, rafters, and columns to create a structure. A less complicated build, pole barns are a utility building type that's adaptable and quickly built.

A post frame building can serve industrial purposes (a small manufacturing shop) just as easily as it can be used in agriculture. What's more, pole barns are also being used as commercial spaces and even homes.

Given their strength and durability, a pole barn is a structure that is made to last.

4. Churches

As a place of worship, a church is a structure that has specific requirements and needs when it comes to design and layout. And as the congregation grows, so too can the church's space through prefabricated additions.

In addition, church construction often means a tight budget, as funding is typically raised through congregational giving. The cost-effectiveness of prefabricated building components helps in controlling expenses and making the most of limited funds.

Getting the Most from Prefab Building Materials 

Partnering with a prefabricated building materials manufacturer helps you – and your clients – maximize the benefits of prefabricated building components in any project type.

From initial planning to delivery, a quality building material supplier will work with you every step of the way to ensure that prefab construction materials make your projects easier and more efficient.

A quality prefabricated building materials manufacturer offers design insights to ensure the products you order are the ones you need. They also offer technical support for installation to ensure the components are correctly integrated into your project.

With an experienced prefab materials manufacturer in your corner, you can rest assured your project – no matter the building type – is poised for success through efficiency and cost savings across many fronts.

Prefab Building Materials: An Upgrade for Any Project

Prefabricated building materials offer a wide range of benefits for projects of any nature. From faster build times to cost savings, prefab building materials can upgrade your next build.

With prefab building materials, you can approach any build with confidence in meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Streamline Your Projects With Prefab Building Materials

Speak to a member of our team today about our pre-engineered building components options and your projects! 

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