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Integrating a Truss Manufacturer Into Your Supply Chain

Consider a custom home. 

Even those constructed from scratch (the stick build method) aren’t completely comprised of one-of-a-kind components For instance, the contractor building the home likely did not manufacture its windows. They also probably didn't make the home's siding. Or it's copper plumbing.

Instead, the materials came from suppliers the builder has likely worked with previously.

Having a list of preferred suppliers goes a long way for any construction project. Not only does it streamline procurement, but it also ensures that the materials you’re using are high quality.

Working with a truss manufacturer is no exception.

Whether you’re a lumber yard looking to expand your business's offerings or a builder who needs a reliable prefabricated materials supplier, adding a truss manufacturer to your bullpen of suppliers is a major upgrade to your supply chain.


Working With a Truss Manufacturer: A Boost to Your Business's Operation

There's nothing like a partnership that positions your business for more success. Working seamlessly together, your relationship is one that pays dividends.

Partnering with an experienced truss manufacturer -- whether it's for one project or 100 -- does just that.

  • Upgraded sourcing
  • Reliability
  • Enhanced Marketing 
  • Expanded Capabilities


Upgraded Sourcing

They're called supply chains for a reason -- they have many links.

Regardless of size or scope, one of the biggest challenges for any construction project is managing its supply chain. Involving many different components, a construction supply chain can be complex and demanding. However, this complexity can be a huge opportunity to improve operations by upgrading what comprises your supply chain.

Added to your supply chain, an established truss manufacturer and building materials supplier takes the headache out of building component procurement. Not only do they handle the logistics of getting finished materials to the job site, but they also ensure the materials themselves are high quality and fit for purpose.

Often, truss manufacturers do more than make floor and roof trusses. Many make complementary building materials, such as wall panels or prefabricated decking, which comprise a building system. A one-stop shop of sorts, a truss manufacturer that doubles as a building components manufacturer consolidates your supply chain.


Construction projects are never simple. Even the most well-planned still encounter a roadblock or two. When they happen, suppliers can sometimes take weeks to deliver all of their goods. If you're managing sourcing, it's on you to work through logistics issues.

However, with a reliable truss manufacturer on your side, delays in delivery and disruptions to your workflow are minimized. Your manufacturer takes on the burden of making sure they have what they need to fulfill your order.

Aside from providing specs for the prefabricated building components, the only thing you'll need to worry about is letting them know your project's timetable.

With a dependable truss manufacturer in your corner, you can be confident that your building project will be completed on time and within budget.  You're also able to comfortably take on more projects, knowing that your partner can help you meet demand.

Enhanced Marketing 

Getting the word out about your company goes beyond putting a sign on the front lawn of a project or word of mouth. Traditional and newer marketing efforts still go a long way in reaching new customers.

Working with an experienced truss manufacturer enhances your marketing by providing your company with an extra level of credibility and trustworthiness. Established truss manufacturers have a long history of producing high-quality products, so partnering with one can help instill confidence in potential customers 

Additionally, some truss manufacturers have marketing resources they share with you, which can help boost your marketing efforts.

Expanded Expertise

While your construction outfit may not have the expertise -- or experience -- in designing and manufacturing trusses, a truss manufacturer does.

A seasoned pro in its field, a truss manufacturer understands the finite details that go into creating trusses and other building components that meet the demands of application.  Furthermore, a truss manufacturer can scale up or down as needed to keep pace with your changing requirements.

In short -- with a truss manufacturer, you can leverage its expertise and experience in building trusses rather than investing the time and money to develop the same in-house.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Partnership

Like construction projects, all partnerships are different.

And like a well-constructed building, a successful working relationship with a truss manufacturer means having a solid foundation. 

Before formalizing a relationship with a truss manufacturer, assess all the elements of your potential partnership. This means taking a hard look at their reputation, expertise, and capacities. 

When the time does come to move forward, make sure you and your truss manufacturer have:

  • Clearly established terms: A truss manufacturer is an integral part of your supply chain. Thus, clearly established terms of your partnership are essential. This can include pricing models, delivery schedules, and any other details that are important to ensure expectations are managed properly on both sides.
  • Understanding of services: Some truss manufacturers are strictly manufacturers (they only focus on order fulfillment), while others offer design and engineering services as well. Before choosing a truss manufacturer, you will want to take into account exactly what services they offer to best meet the needs of your company.
  • Open lines of communication: A key component of any successful business partnership is open and clear communication. As such, you should work with a truss manufacturer that is responsive to your needs and willing to work through any challenges or roadblocks that may arise along the way. The last thing you should be dealing with is a partner who's impossible to get a hold of.


Streamlining Building Material Procurement

When it comes to construction, every part of a project is essential -- from the materials used to the people making the building. 

Partnering with a truss manufacturer streamlines the procurement process for building materials. By working with an experienced and reputable company, you save clients time and money while still ensuring that your construction projects are completed on schedule and to specification.

Ultimately, adding a truss manufacturer to your supply chain means you'll have more time to focus on what you do best: constructing buildings.

Upgrade Your Supply Chain

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